Stephanie Singer was raised to appreciate service to country and community. Her father went to Mississippi in the 1960's to help Americans register to vote; her mother founded a Saturday science school for inner city children and public school teachers. She continues this legacy by teaching her daughter the importance of public service.

As a concerned Pennsylvanian, Singer fought successfully to increase election transparency and improved access to public information. She had major success making voter information available to all Pennsylvanians, not just the wealthy.  As director of the Pennsylvania Election Transparency Project, Stephanie is responsible for putting official Philadelphia election results on line for all to see, and for making other election data affordable.

Singer does more than have good ideas: she follows through and puts them into practice. She earned a Ph.D. in mathematics from New York University, published two books, conducted an election verification exit poll in 2006 and performed sophisticated data analysis for the 2008 Obama campaign. As a Ward Leader in Philadelphia's 8th Ward, Stephanie led by recruiting committee people, modernizing communication and broadening the Ward's mission. Before becoming Ward Leader she volunteered for several campaigns.

In her first year in office as Philadelphia City Commissioner Stephanie Singer made street lists and other election information available for no charge in electronic form and appeared personally or sent an immediate deputy to over 1,000 community meetings, touching over 35,000 individual Philadelphians. She played a key role in forcing the Commonwealth to delay full implementation of the Voter ID Law.

She is widely recognized for her expertise in elections and election-related technology, her advocacy for free and fair elections, and her work to protect American voters from threats to suffrage.


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