Be the Boss: Vote May 21st!

Commissioner Singer's office is partnering with Clear Channel Outdoor and ShopRite on a public awareness campaign called "Be the Boss". Keep an eye out for electronic billboards on the highway and posters in your local ShopRite!

As part of the campaign the Commissioner and her staff will be at several events around the city:

4/11, 3-4pm: ShopRite Roxborough

4/18, 3-5:30pm: ShopRite Oregon Ave

4/25, 3-5:30pm ShopRite Island Ave

4/30, 3-5:30pm ShopRite Parkside

5/2, 3-5:30pm ShopRite Haverford

5/9, 11am, Courtland Rally for Seniors Cancelled

5/16, ShopRite Cheltenham Ave

5/20, Center City Pre-election Rally

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