Feb 27 Meeting of City Commissioners

Scheduled for 11am, Wednesday, February 27th, at 520 North Delaware Ave (entrance on Spring Garden)


  1. Open with public comment
  2. Old business: reports from John Day, Tim Dowling, Gary Ferris, Deborah Muchison, Joe Lynch and Greg Irving
  3. New business
    • Proposal from Commissioner Schmidt: the City Commissioners Office shall open examinations for the following positions to departmental employees: Voter Registration Administrator, Voter Registration Records Supervisor, Election Compliance Administrator, Election and Voter Registration Clerk 2, Election and Voter Registration Clerk 3, Election Field Investigator 1, Electronic Voting Machine Technician [Note: as written, it is not clear whether these exams would be 'open competitive', allowing people who are not currently employees to compete for these jobs, or 'departmental promotion', excluding applicants who are not currently working for the City Commissioners.]
  4. Adjourn to the call of the Chair

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