Handbook: How to Run for Party Committeeperson

Newly revised handbook on how to run for Committeeperson ("Member of Ward Committee") in 2014 now available! Click here.

Here's a powerpoint presentation: why to run for Committeeperson than how. (.pptx, .ppt, .pdf).

Here's a powerpoint presentation with practical advice on how to run for Committeeperson. (.pptx, .ppt, .pdf)

Petition forms for Ward Committee races in Philadelphia are available from the Board of Elections (City Hall Room 142). Forms cannot be circulated before 2/18/14 this year. Completed petition forms are due back to the Board of Elections no later than 5pm on 3/11/14.

Copies of filed petitions will be available from the Board of Elections.

1)      Paper copies - the Department will charge $.25/page.

2)      Disc – free of charge

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