Inspector General Ballot Question Documentation

As of 2/25/2013, the bill is in the Law and Policy Committee of City Council.

From the office of Councilman Jim Kenney, who introduced Bill No. 130001, comes some more information about this proposal. 

  • Resolution detailing the proposed changes to the City Charter
  • Memorandum from the Inspector General, arguing for making the Office of the Inspector General permanent.

The text of the ballot question would be:

Shall The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter be
amended to create and provide for the powers and
duties of an Office of Inspector General and to
establish requirements for certain City officials and
employees in connection with the work of the
Inspector General?

It is worth noting that, according to the details (given in the resolution), many City offices would be exempt from the purview of the Inspector General, including the City Commissioners, City Controller and City Council itself.

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