May 21, 2013, primary ballot

The May 21, 2013, primary ballot in Philadelphia is still in flux as of 2/19/2013. As information becomes available, we will post it here.

Judicial contests for the primary have been finalized as of 2/192013.

Statewide Judicial Contests:

  • Supreme Court: no vacancy
  • Superior Court: 1 vacancy, 
  • Commonwealth Court: no vacancy

 Philadelphia Judicial Contests

  • Court of Common Pleas: 6 vacancies
  • Municipal Court: 3 vacancies
  • Traffic Court: 3 vacancies (as of 3/12/13, two Republicans and 38 Democrats submitted petitions)

Ballot Questions (still in flux, see links on the left side of the page)

Other Philadelphia Contests

  • District Attorney (as of 3/12/13, Danial Alvarez (R) and R. Seth Williams (D) have submitted petitions)
  • City Controller (as of 3/12/13, Terrence Tracy (R), Alan Butkovitz, (D), Brett Mandel (D), Mark Zecca (D) and Michael Williams (D) have submitted petitions)

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