Potential Ballot Question to expand City Council's powers

Introduced in Council on November 14, 2013, passed by Council on 2/20/2014. No action taken by the Mayor. As of 1/9/2015, no further action.

Associated Resolution #130861

Bill No. 130851:  “An Ordinance providing for the submission to the qualified electors of the City of Philadelphia of the proposal set forth in a Resolution approved by Council proposing an amendment of The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter to provide that Council approval is required for certain contracts for one year or less for the purpose of providing legal representation and related services for indigent persons, including but not limited to parents and children who are subjects of dependency proceedings; criminal defendants; persons in juvenile justice proceedings; persons involved in behavioral health proceedings; and indigent persons involved in other proceedings where legal representation is required as a matter of law or by court order; and to provide that Council approval is also required for renewals or extensions of such contracts; and authorizing the appropriate officers to publish notice and to make arrangements for the special election.”

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