Proposed PA Constitutional Amendments

In order for a constitutional amendment to be put on the ballot, it must be passed by two separate legislatures. In other words, it needs to be passed by the legislature and then, after the voters have had a chance to choose new representatives to the legislature, it must be passed again. Only then can it go on the ballot. There are three amendments that have been passed by the legislature during the 2013-2014 session.

The exact texts of the proposed amendments can be downloaded from the sidebar to this page. Roughly speaking, the contents are these:

  • Joint Resolution 2013-1 would eliminiate the Traffic Court in Philadelphia
  • Joint Resolution 2013-2 would allow the General Assembly to pass laws to say what a "purely public charity" is
  • Joint Resolution 2013-3 would raise the retirement age for Justices, Judges and Judges of the Peace to 75 years from 70 years.

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