Special Election for Phila City Council on May 20, 2014

In addition to the Republican and Democratic primary elections, and in addition to any ballot questions, there will be a Special Election for one seat on the Philadelphia City Council At Large on May 20, 2014. As for the ballot questions, every registered elector (a.k.a., registered Philadelphia voter) will be eligible to vote in this Special Election. The winner of this Special Election will fill the vacancy shortly after the results of the May 20, 2014 election are made official. This office will NOT be on the November ballot.

The candidates on the ballot will be:

MATT WOLFE (Republican Party Nominee)

ED NIELSON (Democratic Party Nominee)

NIKKI ALLEN POE (Libertarian Party Nominee)

The vacancy was created by the resignation of former Councilman Bill Green. The winner will serve from the time the election is certified (usually about 3 weeks after Election Day) to the end of calendar year 2015. The regular term from 2016-2019 will be filled by the usual electoral process in 2015.

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