Unofficial List of Judge Retention Races 2015

This is an unofficial list from the Pennsylvania Department of State. Thise judges are eligible to run for retention in November 2015. A retention race is a question to the voters: should this judge serve for another term? In other words, the voters have the option to fire the judge or to keep the judge on for another several years.

A date after a name indicates that the judge has declared her- or him-self a candidate for retention.

Philadelphia Municipal Court (4 year term)

Frank T Brady                                                                            

Marsha H Neifield                                                                    

Patrick F Dugan                                                                        

Barbara S Gilbert                                                                     

Charles  Hayden                                                                       

Gerard A Kosinski                                                                   

Dawn A Segal                                                                           

Craig M Washington                                                              

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas (10 year term) 

Gwendolyn N Bright                                                                 12/15/14

Glenn B Bronson                                                                  

Ann M Butchart                                                                        

Matthew D Carrafiello                                                         

Amanda Cooperman                                                                 

Charles J Cunningham                                                          

Idee C Fox                                                                               

Marlene F Lachman                                                               

Patricia A McInerney                                                         

Walter J Olszewski                                                                   

Frank Palumbo                                                                      

Lillian H Ransom                                                                

Susan I Schulman                                                                     

Lisette Shirdan-Harris                                                           

Leon W Tucker                                                                         

John M Younge                                                                      

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