Every year there is a primary election day in Pennsylvanis. In presidential election years, the primary is in April; in other years, the primary is in May. At the primary election, registered Democrats choose candidates to be on the Democratic ticket in the November election of that year and registered Republicans choose candidates to be on the Republican ticket in the November election.

If you are registered in one of the major parties, you can get your name on the official ballot by collecting a sufficient number of signatures on a nomination petition during the official petition signature period. You will want:

  • An official nomination petition form (available for state or federal offices from the Department of State; for local offices, from the County Board of Elections). 
  • A "street list" of voters eligible to sign the nomination petition. These voters must be in the district for the office, and they must be registered in your party.
  • A notary public to notarize your petition.




2013 Petition Passing Sheet (Poll Worker)