Even if your name does not appear on the ballot, you can still run for office by running a write-in campaign. Voters can write your name in for any office.

On paper ballots (provisional, emergency, absentee and alternative ballots are paper in Philadelphia) there is line for write-ins for each office on the ballot.

On Philadelphia's voting machines, the write-in voting procedure is a little more complex. You can read the instructions right on the machine itself when you go to vote. You may wish to watch a video on write-in voting on the machines, or to view, download or distribute a one-page instruction sheet.

Here are special instruction sheets for Ward Executive Committee Write-In races (major parties only, by state law):

Write-in candidates often buy stamp pads and rubber stamps with their names for use by voters. The space on the machines for entering a write-in vote is 1.75in x 0.375in (1 3/4 inches by 3/8 inches).