How to Run for Election Board Official (Judge, Majority Inspector or Minority Inspector)

Election Board Officials are elected to four-year terms. The general elections take place in November in the year after the presidential election (for math people, these are years that are equal to 1 modulo 4).

As of this writing, the next such election is in 2013, when we will elect Judges of Election and Majority and Minority Inspectors of Election to serve four-year terms form 2014-2017. There are three paths to victory in November:

  • Get on the ballot by winning your party's primary election in May (if you are registered as a Republican or a Democrat), either by getting on the primary ballot or by running a write-in campaign
  • Get on the ballot by getting enough signatures on nominating papers (if you are not registered as a Republican or a Democrat)
  • Run a write-in campaign, convincing voters to write your name in even though it does not appear on the official ballot

In 2013, the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) created a downloadable handbook to help Pennsylvanians run for Judge and Inspector of Elections.